About Us

Hewett Marina began humbly out of a desire to assist other boat owners and avid enthusiasts with all their boat/yacht storage and maintenance needs.  As avid boaters ourselves, we saw a need that was not being met along the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway at the time.  Hewett Marina has grown since then, and is now a full-service “port in a storm” for all your needs.

Our owner, Jimmy Price, grew up enjoying the coast.  Sometimes suffering from having to go a long distance for a marina who could help with his boat storage and maintenance needs, Jimmy saw an opportunity to reduce the time a boat owner was idled due to a breakdown.  Boat lovers want nothing more than to be out on the water, and Hewett Marina is dedicated to minimizing your idle time.

Unlike other boatyards and marinas, our employees work year-round.  We are like family, and your watercraft is next-of-kin!  Whether yours is a motorboat or sailboat; fiberglass, metal, or wood; Hewett will take extra care to keep your vessel in good working condition for years of enjoyment.